Different Types of Marriage

When it comes to marriage, we often think of it as one of several milestones in our lives. Others include high school graduation, earning your college degree, living out your golden years under the watchful eye of a Care.com representative, etc. In short, marriage is a big deal to us, and why shouldn’t it be? After all, we all want some kind of companionship in our lives, and marriage is the ultimate form of companionship. Therefore, most of us have at least thought about marriage, and if not marriage, something like it. While many people are content to have a traditional wedding ceremony, there are alternatives for those who lead alternative lifestyles. Here are a few examples.

For starters, let’s talk about eloping. Elope used to be a dirty word of sorts. The idea of getting married without a ceremony was reserved for people getting married against the wishes of their respective families, for whatever reasons, and it was deemed disrespectful. Nowadays, though, the idea of eloping refers less to getting married in secret and more to getting married privately in a courthouse without an expensive and flashy ceremony. This is a great way for young couples to save a lot of money and build their marriage on a more stable foundation, which is especially helpful for couples who are less financially stable.

Another alternative to a traditional wedding is a common law marriage. A common law marriage is a marriage in which there is no wedding ceremony or marriage certificate, but a couple has lived together long enough to qualify as a couple in certain states in America. This is a great alternative for people who are at odds with the institution of marriage, but not philosophically opposed to long term monogamous relationships.